Booking and Prices

Types of events and places

  • Birthday Parties
  • Nursery/Pre-School Parties
  • Youth Groups/Scouts/Guides/After School Clubs
  • Care Homes
  • Fairs, Fetes and Festivals
  • Charity Fundraising [Must be a registered Charity]
  • School Educational Talks
  • Sessions for children and adults with learning difficulties
  • Photoshoots and Advertising
  • If your type of event is not listed here we may still be able to help so please contact us.

  • Minimum Requirements

  • 1. Room/space with 1 entrance/exit.
  • 2. Access to electrical socket (13amp).
  • 3. Access to clean running water.
  • 4. Windows that will open [If indoors].
  • 5. Access to display area at least 1 hour before.
  • 6. Access to tables to display the animals on.
  • All other apsects of the display/show/party can be discussed when the booking is made.

    On the day

    Parties & Events

  • We will arrive a minimum of 30 minutes beforehand [Earlier for larger Events]. To setup and make sure that everything is right and proper for the animals and your attendees.
  • Once we are underway we will make sure that everyone has a wonderful time and gets to hold and experience as many different types of exotic as they want to hold [we do not force anyone to hold anything they do not want to].
  • We will bring everything to make the day run smooth and ensure the health of the animals and the attendees, including hand gel and cleaning products.

    School Educational Talks

  • Our school educational talks are very flexible on what animals we can bring and we are happy to focus on whatever the children are currently learning. We can do focus sessions to cover Mini Beasts, Snakes, Lizards, Arachnids, Camouflage, Survival and Evolution, Food chains, Animal Habitats and Countries (as we have animals from deserts, rainforests, tropical islands and savannah.) Or any combination of these.

  • The children have the chance to interact with and learn about these amazing animals in front of their friends and teachers in a safe and controlled environment while still having lots of fun and it provides a great opportunity for personal growth, development and confidence building while learning about nature and the world of exotics around them.

  • How to Book

  • We are available Monday to Sunday with session anytime during the day and evening.
  • You can book with us through Facebook, E-mail: /, or by calling directly on 07973302351 / 07955287663.

  • Payment Options

  • Cash, cheque or bank transfer. We ask that cheques be ready on the day, if an invoice is required let us know in advance and we can provide it beforehand via email or post.
  • Our starter price is £70 for the 1st hour with £35 for every hour after that for most party, club and talk bookings [dependant on distance to be travelled and nature of the event.], for open events we can turn up for free and charge entrance on the door spilitting the takings at the end of the day minus expenses.

  • Below are some Invites and a Poster you can print out to let people know we will be at your event.

    You will nedd Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these files which can be downloaded HERE for free.