E.S.R.A.S. Re-homing Information Page

From time to time reptiles and exotics need to be rehomed just like any other animal does, the reasons for this can be very diverse just as with all species kept as companion animals or ‘pets’ ranging from not being able to cope anymore to the death of the owner.
E.S.R.A.S. does not run a rescue centre but does try to rehome animals in dire need if and when we can and have members that are willing to do so, we cannot promise to rehome every animal we are requested to, but will always try our utmost to rehome any animals we can with members who have the relative experience and means to take care of them.
E.S.R.A.S. never charges any fees at all for rehoming as we feel that this is not right, the only factor to consider is the welfare of the animal and we believe that this must remain paramount when looking for a rehoming place.
Rehoming of animals is only available to fully paid up and trusted E.S.R.A.S. members, so if you would like to be added to our trusted rehoming list head over to our Join page to download a membership form and join today.
If you have a reptile or exotic that is in need of rehoming then please contact us via E-mail esras.uk@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.